… und hier noch ein zweites Gedicht aus meiner neuen CD…


„If I had fallen for you then

You’d had taken me into your world like a prize you had won,

And carelessly in love I would have followed you,

Only eyes for you,

followed you all the way.


Hand in hand, all the way through sunlit lanes,

past beautiful trees and shining rivers,

down to the depths, deep into the forest

Where everything is soothing and dark,

no light that blinds you,

no sound to hurt your ears

truly beautiful,

green moss, elegant farns,

no step is heard.

Light of day seldomly breaks through here.

Massive trees,

a dome of ever changing greens

far above, beyond my sight.

I loose myself trying to count

All the leaves. All yours.

Taking in light and air through

your eyes, your smiles.

Your touches, your kisses.

Then sinking back again into this world of green…“


… hmm, ich verrate mal noch nicht, wie das ausgeht…