A house, a chair, a table, a bed, a closet, a toothbrush,
a comb, an apple tree,
A rosebush by a bench, a hand to help us grow.

A person for life, a friend, a lover, some doctors, a mechanic, a hammer, two nails,
A sister, a brother, a mother and father, a neighbour, a dog, a cat and a bird,
And someone to pass our love and insight on to.
That’s All We Need!

Kindness, curiosity, jugdment, hope, confidence, faith,
A pen, a piece of paper, a book, a picture, a piano, a song,
And sometimes just one look. That’s All We Need!

Anette von Eichel ist Jazz-Sängerin und Dekanin des Bereichs Jazz / Pop der Hochschule für Musik & Tanz, Köln.

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