Voices Noises Lungs ‘n’ Tongues

Gligg Records (2017)


  1. Sympathy (von Eichel/Dunbar)
  2. Here Where Coltrane Is (Thewes)
  3. Busy (von Eichel)
  4. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Traditional)
  5. Here Where Coltrane Is – Part 2 (Thewes)
  6. Caged Bird (von Eichel)
  7. Golden Sounds (Thewes)


Anette von Eichel – vocals
Christof Thewes – trombone

Album Info

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Schmidt at Spielraum Studios, Heiligenwald.

Drawn by lot by the audience at a duo concert to be partners for one tune only in 2015, Christof and I started out with this musical adventure trip. And a most enjoyable and challenging adventure it has proven to be! Trombone and voice are maybe the two most inaccurate instruments on earth… and I really say this with lots of love in my heart!

Christof and I play purely on our ears, our feeling for time and our mutual sense of playfulness. The result of which you hold in your hands now, a CD with not a single song about romantic love on it but lots of love while recording it!