( comp: Marko Lackner/ lyrics: Anette von Eichel )

With every crescent moon
in every autumn day I taste
through every longing tune
I dream of the world

Of summer mornings by the sea
and winter nights `neath northern stars
beaming with harmony
my life is new every day.

Flying through woods of green
in bluelit dawns and deserts of gold
all miracles I’d see
my eyes opened wide

If I could ever get away
not knowing what’s the destiny
that sudden crazy day
nothing could stop me no more.

Never hurry or scurry
no time to worry, feel sorry,
no pain, no glory, new story
if things get blurry, fly away.

Yet if all this came true
and I travelled the world
still one thing would stay the same.
Wherever the mirror,
my image won’t change
and so I’d say good-bye
knowing I never leave.