Mean Red

( comp. Marko Lackner, lyrics: Anette von Eichel )

As the night comes
and all the world’s asleep
I hear the wind blow
singing a solitary song
And so I lift my eyes
to search the stars above
And to the beat of my heart
I start to sway through the dark

The moon a perfect red
drawing circles of woe round my bed
gently asking to open my door
promising to hurt me no more.

The moon still her perfect red
telling stories all locked in my head
hidden secrets I thought I had passed
she’s whispering that this time they’ll last.

The wind is cold on my cheek
I feel so old, my life so bleak.
This bloodlike moon my final friend
I know her tune will never end.
Nowhere to turn, no-one to call
how much I yearn, how deep I’ll fall
when the moon turns to perfect red.